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Project Description
Tool that helps developing .net database applications. It uses ADO.NET compatible providers and tries to overcome differences between them.
It has the basic features of any query tool as Sql Server Management Studio or Toad, but programmed in C# using .net-only technologies.

Project is near-complete. All major features has been coded, tested and used in real-world scenarios.

You can use nyaqt to connect to any database that has a .NET provider installed on your system.
Two plugins are included that expands the functionalities of nyaqt with Microsoft SQL Server (SqlClient) and Sybase ASE (Mono and Sybase providers).
The basic "write sql" / "execute it" / "display resultset" should work out of the box with any provider. Sql generation and the tree view of databases and tables, requires a plugin.

Implementing the plugins to support other databases is not trivial for me because I've not easy access to a working instance. Time will tell ...

  • Edit sql commands with full syntax coloring (thanks to ICSharpCode.TextEditor)
  • Connect to any database with a working .NET provider
    • Both 2.0 a and 1.1 providers are accepted.
  • Integration with development evironments
    • Custom programmed ADO.NET commands can be loaded by nyaqt. They can be edited and executed freely. Unlike other tools this feature makes nyaqt usefull in all development stages.
  • Enhanced responsiveness thanks to multithreading in UI.
  • Simple plugin system to extend provider support and implement custom commands.

You can download current release here.

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